Acheson Ancestors and Families

Discovering our Achesons and Webbers- from County Tyrone, Ireland to Canada, from Alsace France to Alberta.

Who's that Sitting in our Family Tree?

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The Acheson family in Canada has roots back to the Ulster area of Northern Ireland. Starting with the oldest known patriarch, Weir Acheson of County Tyrone, Ireland, we follow the line of Joseph Acheson, who brings his family to Perth county in Upper Canada, now Ontario. His son, Alexander, marries Sarah Braden Miller and they head out to the unsettled west, to Manitoba to raise their family.

The saga continues with life in the prairies of southern Manitoba in the Mennonite settlement of Rosenfeld. There, their first daughter, Sadie meets a handsome young man of Alsace, France origin, Joseph "Rusey" Weber, lacross player and grain trader.

Our family line finally treks one more journey, to Calgary Alberta, where the Webber clan takes roots and prospers.

Joseph Miller was 31 when he left County Londonderry, North Ireland for Canada's Huron Tract in 1846. Bringing 5 children with him, he and Sarah Henry had 8 more children in Upper Canada, including our great grandmother, Sarah Braden Miller, who married great grandfather Alexander Acheson.

Our great-grandmother Sarah {Henry} Miller was the oldest daughter of Robert Henry and Sarah [Braden] Henry, of Altnagelon Townland, Glendermott Parish, in County Londonderry, and her new home in Canada was to be across the road from her parents and siblings.

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